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The city of Istanbul has one of the richest histories in the world and our hotel is located right in the middle of the old town, the part of the city that has witnessed all of its phases through the course of history. Many of the emperors lived around the historical peninsula of Istanbul and many empires were governed there. These streets have hosted people from all around the world for nearly 2700 years. The historical background of the various cultures that have existed in Istanbul made it inevitable that this city would retain a different aspect of every civilization it hosted.

Among all the cultures and civilizations of the city of Istanbul, the Ottoman Empire had the biggest impact on the city’s current atmosphere, since it was the most recent and had such a spectacular aesthetic style that was used in architecture, fashion, and decoration. The sultans of the Ottoman Empire used to live in places designed and decorated in this aesthetic style as a display of power and magnificence. As for the design and decoration of our hotel, we wanted our guests to feel like a member of the Ottoman royal family so we based the design of our rooms on the luxury and elegance of the Ottoman palaces. This is harmonized with the modern lifestyle of metropolitan Istanbul. Each room in our hotel is named after one of the most prominent sultan’s wives of the Ottoman Empire, to remind our guests that where they are staying is a reimagination of a royal residence.


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