Undoubtedly, your wedding day is one of the most important and unforgettable days of your life. What would be more enjoyable to share this happiest day with all your loved ones and celebrate. Of course, preparations start in a sweet swift meet before the day passes perfectly. The most important question is where to place the wedding in your dreams.

You need to have a team that will take the load on your back in this intense process, a guru-faced service and a wedding day worthy of a day-to-day meeting. At this point, we are commissioned. As Yaşmak Oteller Group, we have 60 years of experience and realize your dreams for your wedding day. It is up to you to live a single moment doya doya.

We host wedding, engagement, celebration and all special occasion events in the historical heart of Istanbul at the Olive Anatolian Restaurant in the terrace restaurant of the Yaşmak Sultan Hotel, in the magnificent panorama of Bosphorus from Topkapi Palace to Hagia Sophia from Galata Tower. In Olive Anatolian, a delight and taste stop, we delicately think every detail of your dream organization in the direction of the desired concept with our delicious menu varieties from Turkish and World cuisine and with our diligent presentation.

We are organizing special occasions for couples who are prepared to take a fresh start in the magical atmosphere of the historical peninsula of Istanbul and remember them as an unforgettable memorable partner of their dreams. In the most special day of your life, while everything is being managed in a perfect way, you will accumulate unforgettable beauty memories with your loved ones. We will be happy to welcome you with our boutique service understanding.

Your wedding at Yaşmak Sultan Hotel will be as special and unforgettable as you. Wish to share your happiness on your best day ...