I want to make a suggestion about your Istanbul trip. When you come Istanbul , you musn’ t leave without visit Topkapı Palace  Museum. Topkapı Palace is the very important historical monumant of Istanbul with its location and architectural splendor.

Topkapı place  is one of  the oldest palaces that can be come today in the world. In  Fatih Sultan Mehmet  period the palace started to be built in 1460 and finished in 1478. The place has built on  700.000 squaremeters area in Sarayburnu. It  was  education, management and art centre of Ottoman Empire  during 400 years. The palace that hosted 25  Ottoman Sultan during 400 years from Fatih Sultan Mehmet to Abdülmecid. And than was started to be used as museum after 1924.

Architectural Divisions of Topkapı Palace

The largest courtyard of the palace that include Aya İrini Museum .

This was the administrative anc ceremonies centre of the Ottoman Empire.

Enderûn was the “selâmlık” portion reserved for men, of the private compartment of the palace

The Fourth Place consists of the Tulip Garden and the terrace called Imperial Hall (Sofa-i Hümâyûn)

  • Harem

The literal meaning of the word harem in Arabic language is, “a holy place that everyone is not allowed to enter. Sultan was living in Harem with his family.

Topkapı Palace is not only  management centre of the Ottoman but also the palace Harem part of the palace  was home of the Ottoman Sultans. This old palace  has been witnessed the love of the ottoman sultans who ruled the world and still keeps  memories of these love on their walls. You can also witness these love  by visiting Topkapi Palace…

Written by Seda Toy Albayrak