We  can accomplish even hardest duties with sincerely smiling staff.

Tourism sector that the political conjuncture has directly affected, has lost a lot of blood in 2016, which we have ended recently. There have been many sudden drops in the number of tourists coming to our country during last year's reservations. Many hotels have closed down due to falling occupancy rates. gone.

In times of downsizing, there are also staff members who we distinguish between poor performance of employees and non-achievable reasons; This process is very hard for both of them to find a new job, the rest is to fill in the vacancies of all the staff and to perform at a high level ...

Our guests have a ritual that starts at the door of the hotel, starts with reception, runs the housekeeping department in the rooms, prepares the meals by the kitchen department, is served by the service staff, and ritual starts from the ritual hotel which starts at the hotel. The wheels of the home are more or less dependent on human power, and when one of the cogs breaks the gear of the wheel, all the staff starts to engage in it, and the whole staff is part of that wheel.

If you have employees who know the smile in this process, there is nothing you can not do. The staff who work with superior performance to ensure guest satisfaction are the ones who feel at home that they are happy to have problems in their social life at the door when they are at work and focus on business with a great concentration. These are smiles Are employees who know.

For the employees who know the smile, it is our duty to make them feel that you understand them, to take care of what they say, to feel that they are important and to smile together ... The longer the process is, the longer you continue to work with your employees, the more important you are to smile together. The team is throwing bases.