During the Ottoman period, Hamams became indispensable for social life. The Hamams were places to socialize in daily life rather than just places to bath. One of the bath rituals was the bride's bath. The bride goes to the hamam with women and young girls dressed up, playing instruments and having fun in singles accompaniment, and women looking to the girls for their single sons.

The bridal bath, a tradition that has been a tradition since the Ottoman era, now offers a pleasant amusement to bride-to-be candidates before relaxing with the family and friends before the wedding.

In Sultan Spa & Wellness located in the historical peninsula of Istanbul, in the Yaşmak Hotel Collection, we make colorful bride's bath organization with the unique concept of the hamam like Ottoman palaces' hamam.

We are hosting traditional bridal bath organizations at the Sultan Spa & Wellness to share their excitement and make a joyful break while stepping up to the happiest day.
We welcome our guests with a pouch, waistcloth, soap and towels in the set of the bride's bath which we prepared specially for them. After coming to our hostel in a pleasant ritual meeting in the bath, the guests asking for the guests are getting tired with pouches, foam and massages. In addition, our guests can benefit from the sauna and heated indoor swimming pool in the Sultan Spa.

We carry the traditional Ottoman bridal bath culture from past to present which bride candidates in Sultan SPA & Wellness live this beautiful tradition feeling like sultans

Written by Merve Pakova - Digital Marketing  Coordinator