You want to come to Istanbul, but  you do not know how to spend time with your children ? We will give you some advice;

Istanbul has been a major destination for guests of all ages from 7 to 70. It is possible to see the traces of these diversification everywhere as you travel to Istanbul, which has hosted different civilizations for centuries. You can have a great time with your children while exploring this magnificent historical land of Istanbul. Unfortunately, it will not be enough for 1-2 days to see all parts of Istanbul from Asia to the European side. When planning your holiday, you must stay at least 3 days before you can make more discoveries. Of course, 3 days may not be enough to explore Istanbul, but you can choose from among the alternatives you can make during your holiday to find the most suitable ones for yourself and spend your days full. We can divide our exploration tour into two on the European side and the Anatolian side.

There are many parks in Europe where you can go outdoors with your children;
1- Gülhane Park / Sirkeci
2- Miniaturk / Sütlüce- Golden Horn
3- Botanical Park / Bakırköy
4- Rönepark / Yeşilköy
5- Bebek Park / Beşiktaş
6- Ihlamur Kasrı / Besiktas
7- Macka Park / Şişli
Apart from these, you should definitely see the Vialand Lunapark in Eyup with a concept like Disneyland which your children will love very much. Here you can enjoy games and fun themes with your children.

In Anatolia, I would especially like to recommend you to Polonezköy, formerly known as '' Adampol '' located in the Beykoz district of Istanbul. In this town where you can savor the greenery and nature, you will enjoy a different enjoyment with the energetic little ones. Polonezkoy Country Club also has a mini zoo where you can enjoy watching your children and animals meet at the picnic park and you can have your breakfast or you can taste the meat you can cook on the barbecue.

If you are visiting Istanbul in winter and do not want to go outdoors, looking for indoor entertainment centers that you can go here are the alternatives;

• Forum Istanbul: Legoland türkiye / Bayrampaşa
• Forum Istanbul Sea Life Aquarium / Bayrampaşa
• Forum Istanbul Jurassic Land / Bayrampaşa
• Toy Museum / Göztepe
• Istanbul Aquarium and Aqua Florya Shopping Center / Yeşilköy
Do not forget to see the Istanbul Bosphorus and take tickets to Eminönü or Kabatas. From the Marmara Sea to the Prince Islands, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Istanbul Bosphorus while enjoying a ferry boat with your children. When you reach Büyükada, you can take a nice tour of the phaeton where you can discover the island with the little ones, or you can cycle on the roads without cars and motor vehicles. Finally, do not go back until you have eaten an ice cream from the island-specific ice cream makers.

As I mentioned at the beginning of my article, 2 or 3 days for this huge city are not enough but you will find something to do and you will come back with memories that will not be erased from your memories.

Enjoy your holiday in Istanbul..

Written by Tulay Ustunal, Director of Sales and Marketing