Bright sun, sprinkled  blonde light particle beams to the pale sky, thin branches from the bitty waist rain in pouring … Red Trees becomes purple, delicate blossoms of trees husk gives softness to ash color… dripping grass glitters in the stands along the path of Palace crashing a light fog, literally melts them. Binge of Sun, on green for herald of spring.

Tîrimüjgân, who was born in Caucasia… She was famous with her thinness, the gentleness and beauty… All face is illuminated with Honey-colored eyes and white teeth, long auburn hair, down with harmony from round shoulders. Translucent white skin, graceful stature, and with slim waist provides a unique look Circassian belle …

The usual walk to the corner within the fragrance between Purple violets, syringa and primroses and the Ciragan Garden … Under young magnolia tree crafted for himself, has placed a red velvet armchair. Thin fingers touching, to the crystal-eyed concubines extension of the gold-colored  wired drum  Ismail Dede Efendi Buselik song’s mournful tunes starts to spill from … Sultan Hanim’s rose lips… “My imprecations Hurts miserably, loving you is my only sin …”

II. The mother of Sultan Abdulhamid Tîrimüjgân, married in 1839 with the Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid and still madly in love …