Selçuk Hatun is Çelebi Sultan Mehmed’s daughter. It is autumn and the yellow leaves of chestnut trees are falling to the ground one by one.  Selçuk, in a silk-lined  fur cape, is still beautiful despite the fine wrinkles on her lillywhite neck and the  dark circles around her black eyes. She looks out from the palace; recalling the old days…

It is 1421 and Selçuk is only fourteen. She weeps, hidden in a corner. Her father has died. Her oldest brother Sultan Murad, has given her hand to Ibrahim Bey, the wedding to take place in four years. When this has occured, the seductive girl, now a queen, lives in Kastamonu Palace. Her happy marriage  lasts eighteen years and ends when Ibrahim dies. She retreats to the ancient palace in Bursa with her children.

Seagulls bravely frolic close to the windows of the harem, as Selçuk remembers the magnificent wedding of her nephew Sultan Mehmed II, the Conqueror of Istanbul. Mehmed sudden death leads to the disastrous infighting between his sons for the right to accede to the throne. Selçuk, the most respected elder of the court, serves as mediator to the brothers, the first woman in the Ottoman Empire to be entrusted with such a position. Finally,  destiny chooses Bayezid, who is crowned Emperor.

Selçuk Hatun, who lived to be seventy-eight years old,constructed three elegant mosques, one in each of the three capitals of the Ottoman Empire: Bursa, Edirne and Istanbul, at her own expense. She now rests in peace next to her Sultan father in Bursa’s Yeşil Türbe(Green Mausoleum).