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Hotel Sultania will make you "feel like a sultan" in its 42 luxury rooms, each of which harmonizes the modern lifestyle with traditional Ottoman touch. The rooms are named for the most famous and historically significant wives of Ottoman Sultans and each is adorned by an oil-portrait of its namesake. You will find the life-stories of these mighty women in your room and travel back in time as you read them ( to see detail of sultanas ). Sultania has six room-types designed to satisfy your specific needs.

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The mist is fading away … There is nothing else over Istanbul except the veil of wispy fog… When Şevkefza Sultan is about the get the unhanded books, the hills and the waterside homes has began appearing on the opposite side. Finally the remaining veil has disappeared and the sun has rised … The Bosphorus is shining like a cyrstal time by time as the sun keeps shining… Sevkefza, the wife of Sultan Abdülmecid lose herself in the course of this great awakening…
She was Caucasian and a Abaza… Her dream has reminded her the first day in the palace. She has remembered the little girl with long black hair and smiled…They have given her the name “Şevkefza” which means “the person who cheers up”
August 7, 1867 … Wednesday … The olive-eyed Sultan of the Dolmabahce Palace is now more cheerful today … Because it has been forty-five days since her son Prince Murat has been away and he is returning from Europe … He has visited all the cities of the west for the occasion of the exhibition in Paris which is honored by III, King of France Napoleon… She has received the news that they have entered the port of Varna with sultanas yacht las nights and the people gathered on the shore chanted his name all night long …
Şevkefza Sultan seated on her embroidered chair and started staring to a painting inside the carved ceiling… She is much happier now…

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