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Hotel Sultania will make you "feel like a sultan" in its 42 luxury rooms, each of which harmonizes the modern lifestyle with traditional Ottoman touch. The rooms are named for the most famous and historically significant wives of Ottoman Sultans and each is adorned by an oil-portrait of its namesake. You will find the life-stories of these mighty women in your room and travel back in time as you read them ( to see detail of sultanas ). Sultania has six room-types designed to satisfy your specific needs.

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Her name was Mahpeyker…She was a pure beauty like her name…Her deep black eyes lit the gleam of intelligence, her shiny black hair run up to her waist…She would twist her lips with cynicism, she found out that beauty is not enough to upgrade in the Harem…She memorized her lessons that she took in the Palace as if she swallowed them. She was not yet fifteen when she was prepared for the main concubine class…Sultan Ahmet agreed this beautiful, intelligent, dignified pecious pearl flower with all his heart… The influence of young haseki grew so quickly that, before completing the second year of marriage, she became the most reputable women of the harem…Her real name was gradually forgotten…The Sultan was calling her as “Kösem”… Numerous concubines, had attained great wealth…Western ambassadors in Constantinople was alluding as “Sultan Kösem” who is the favourite of the Sultan. Her fame spread to whole Europe before she came to her twenties. Unfortunately, her happiness didn’t  took so long… She became a widow at the age of twentyeight… She was devastated and shaken with terror… She waited patiently until the throne of her son Murat with so much suffering. As murat was twelve years old, she had right to have a say in the government administration. She gained influence in such a short time that no women could ever get this power at past. With its facilities in Uskudar she has built mosques, schools, religious schools, fountains and baths, including a double and many of the complex built Tiled.

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