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Hotel Sultania will make you "feel like a sultan" in its 42 luxury rooms, each of which harmonizes the modern lifestyle with traditional Ottoman touch. The rooms are named for the most famous and historically significant wives of Ottoman Sultans and each is adorned by an oil-portrait of its namesake. You will find the life-stories of these mighty women in your room and travel back in time as you read them ( to see detail of sultanas ). Sultania has six room-types designed to satisfy your specific needs.

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Devlet Sultana, beautiful as a ripe rose, wakes up suddenly from a nightmare in the most splendid bedroom of Bursa Palace. She shakes with fear. It’s a hot summer night. She walks to the window and throws open the velvet curtains. She raises her blue eyes to the sky. A myriad stars flicker on the dark firmament as if fixed with golden nails, with one vey, bright star that burns orange as if about to explode.
The year is 1389, and Sultan Bayezid is poised in front of the fortifications of Niğbolu city. The sky is pitch black.The Sultan, who is the only lower Devlet has ever known , mounts his horse in fury and rushes the castle singlehandedly. He is like a thunderbolt. He finds a breach in the battlements and stands tall on the ramparts.
A brave voice resounds from the ground.” Bayezid, hey Bayezid! “ The Sultan peers down and dermands the speaker Show himself. A rider slowly appears from the shadows, covered head to toe in long flowing robes. “ Persevere and be patient,” he says, “ Victory is within your grasp!” He turns and rides away into the forest…
A joyful smile crosses Devlet’s lips. She decides that it was not a nightmare but a clear vision with a positive omen. Her husband is safe and has won his war . She returns to her silk bed, but she cannot fall- asleep . In her heart she is still afraid. To her great relief, the mornig brings excellent news. Two White carrier- pigeons land in the palace garden with a message from the Sultan: he’s victorious and on his way back to her.

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