Sultania dances elegantly, her gold-embroidered long dress swaying with every step. The sunlight poking thtough the trellis enlivens her face, gladdening the heart ever more with its long lashes and sculpted features. All eyes are upon her, everyone is in love. She is like springtime, her supple body like a breeze, her smooth skin like honeysuckle, her hair glitters like a treasure-chest full of jewels…

She gives life to this house. She makes time stop with a single gesture. She arouses happy dreams in thousands from a simple smile.

I wish everyone could see her.Anyone tasting this heady potion is enchanted.Springs turn into summer; winters into spring. Delight never cease in her garden of love. Sultania… Sultania… She is an arrow through the heart. Unrequited longing. Even bitter grief and painful sighs. Endless love is like that, as it rises every day in the soul like the sun and reveals a secret World redolent with joy,She is like the rarest of wines, a tate and an aroma so magnificent that life without it becomes impossible to bear…

Sultania dances elegantly, her perfumes, her brightness, the gltiters in her hair burning in my heart like uncontrollable desire.